T u r n e r H o u s e P h o t o R e n g a


The Turner House PhotoRenga
read from right to left

On 21st January 2023 we invited a group of artists and photographers to join us at Turner House in Penarth - the former home of Ffotogallery - to create a series of new PhotoRenga. This was our first real space session since COVID began - we have been running online LockDownRenga - and we were delighted to be joined by Chris Glynn, David Sinden, Jill Scott, Natasha Hirst, Paddy Faulkner and Zara Mader.

PhotoRenga are visual poems inspired by an ancient form of Japanese poetry, renga, in which sequences of short haiku verses construct complex and profound poems.  The beauty of the PhotoRenga idea is that anyone with a digital camera can take part in the workshops we run, and work together to create beautiful, new artworks.  

Everyone takes photographs and chooses one to pass on to someone else in the group.  You then use that image as the starting point for your next picture, and so on... Chains of images form visual poems or PhotoRenga.  There are no fixed starting points, and the PhotoRenga can go in any direction the groups chose.

If you are interested in taking part in future PhotoRenga please email Kate and David at photorenga@gmail.com


 Photographs by David Sinden, Kate Woodward and the artists: all rights reserved 2023