F f o t o R e n g a  a t  F f o t o g a l l e r y

Artists Zosia Krasnowolska, Camilla Lovelace, Zara Mader, David Sinden, Kristel Trow, Dafydd Williams and Kate Woodward produced a series of PhotoRengas in our first PhotoRenga at the fantastic new Ffotogallery space in Cardiff on 19th November 2019.

The group started from the Former Methodist Sunday School space, splitting up and individually taking series of photographs. After reviewing the images, one image from each person's camera was chosen and passed on to another in the group. This image was used as the source or inspiration to produce a new set of photographs from which one image was selected to be passed on to the next person in the group, and so on...

The PhotoRengas are inspired by an ancient, courtly form of Japanese poetry, in which sequences of haiku construct complex and profound poems. The aim of the PhotoRenga project is to produce a series of short, collective visual poems. The PhotoRengas thus become unique and esoteric explorations of a place and time.

The first ever PhotoRenga workshop was held at Ffotogallery in their former Penarth space in 2010 and we have gone on to hold PhotoRenga workshops with venues across South Wales.

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Photographs by David Sinden, Kate Woodward and the artists: all rights reserved 2019